Privacy Policy

At Starletleathers, we embrace your privacy in a very secure way and it’s our main concern, guaranteeing that your personal information is controlled with ultimate care and safety. Our privacy policy summaries the severe methods we hold to protect your data, ensuring your peace of mind while interacting or detailing with our website.

Data Collection: What Personal Information Do We Gather?

When you involve with Starletleathers, whether through any buying, participating in surveys or creating an account, we may collect some of your personal information like, your name, address, contact info and preferences. While working within the United States, we request your Social Security number (SSN) but in limited conditions.

Utilization of Personal Information

Your personal information helps in numerous purposes at Starletleathers. Mainly, it supports us to keep you up-to-date about the newest product announcements and future upcoming events. Furthermore, it benefits in improving our facilities, content and marketing efforts. Additionally, we collect your data to advance and polish our products, services, and marketing strategies. Important announcements, such as updates on purchases and changes to our terms, may also be communicated using your private information.

Ensuring Data Security: Your Protection is Paramount

At our website, we prioritize the safety of your particular information, applying strict protections to maintain it against any loss, stealing, and illegal access. Our promise to your security is steadfast and we keep the honesty and privacy of your data.

SSL Encryption: Enhancing Online Security

For online dealings or any transactions led through Starletleathers, including our online store, we consume Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all pages where your private information is gathered. This guarantees that your data remains private and protected throughout the process of communication over the internet. To advantage from this sensitive security, we praise using an SSL-enabled browser such as, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

User Responsibility: Exercise Caution with Shared Information

While using Starletleathers products or facilities, it’s vital to use carefulness when giving your private information in forums or social networking platforms. Any data you reveal in these surroundings may be obvious to other users. So, it’s totally your responsibility to be aware of the data you select to share to keep your privacy and security.

Maintaining Data Integrity and Accessibility

Starletleathers activities is to keep your personal information exact, complete and latest. You have the capability to modify and change your contact information and first choice through your account settings. Moreover, we deal access to other personal data, allowing you to request adjustments as needed, subject to certain restrictions defined in our policy.

Protection of Children’s Privacy

We are dedicated to fulfilling with guidelines concerning about the collection of personal information from children under 13 years of age. If we become attentive of any such data gathered, we take instant footsteps to get rid of it from our systems.

Our Companywide Dedication to Privacy

To make sure your personal information is protected and safe, we communicate our confidentiality and security strategies to Starletleathers workers and confidently put into result privacy protections within the company.

For any other inquiries regarding our privacy policy or the handling or usage of your information, please reach out to us at ­